# Labels

This document describes the labels used across all Solarix GitLab projects, as seen here.

# Usage

  • An issue, epic, or merge request should typically have one or more area labels, one kind label, one priority label, and one stage label.
  • Situational label types such as triage, do-not-merge, and needs should be applied when appropriate.

# Label Groups

Group Prefix Description
Area area Generalized labels indicating what area(s) are relevant to the issue / PR.
Do Not Merge do-not-merge PRs that should not be merged for indicated reason.
Kind kind Indicates the kind of issue or PR.
Needs needs Indicates a missing label or other critical need.
Priority priority Work priority of issue / PR.
SIG sig Special Interest Group(s) related to the issue.
Stage stage Current stage of development.
Triage triage Current triage status of issue.

# Editable Spreadsheet

All Solarix GSuite members can find an editable spreadsheet here.

# Adding / Modifying Labels

For a generic label that is likely to be used across multiple projects add it to the global Solarix Labels list. Otherwise, group- or project-specific labels are sufficient for one-off labels.

# Scoped Labels

The kind, priority, and stage label types are scoped labels, which means they are independently assigned from others of the same type. For example, to change the stage of an issue just change the stage to a new label, and GitLab will automatically remove the previous scoped stage label.